I’m a Rhodesian born Irish lass, and have long walked the path of the ancients in healing ways. I take guidance from the messages that nature holds whilst embracing the gentle path of our Guardian Angels. Choosing to stand aside from the modern teachings of the world today.

I draw upon the ancient knowledge of Atlantis that holds the energies of past lives and I use Crystals and Reiki for their healing properties. My love of nature & alternative therapies has long carried me through my life.


As a Reiki Master I asks for guidance from God Almighty & His Angels and I attune to the energies of the Universe in all my sessions. Finding sanctuary within and awakening to the rhythm of nature. I work with these energies as they bring a gentle clarity to my soul. Allowing folk to awaken, re-balance, self-heal and fully embrace their soul journey and path.

Having undergone many happy experiences, hardships & personal lessons to become the soul I am today. I have felt alone and have dealt with the lessons of abandonment, rejection and depression, loss & illness within my journey. This has enabled me to become the person I am and to be able to guide other folk into healing their lives, their past and to embrace their journey upon Earth.

I have the gift of Clair~cognizance which is Clear Knowing & Clair-sentience: Clear Feeling. I have had these gifts since I was a child, and it has allowed me to see clearly for most of my life. I learnt to tap into the Akashic records and connect with past, present and future life paths. I can see into the core of the situation or soul and receive guidance on how to move forward. The choice is always with the soul in question as to how fast they move along their path, but I will always walk alongside them, as long as they need me.

May your path be blessed as you journey through your life…..

Many blessings

Kind Words from Friends & Family:

The Healer

Claire is a healer of the old ways and ancient path, and has worked with many souls over the years who have sought her and the healing energies, to help them transform their lives.

Harnessing the energy of the wise and ascended that have walked the path before, and the learning & understanding the healing techniques of the ancestors, the energies of the Earth and the Universal wisdom and truths. Seeing all the energy that is around you and all that needs to be released. Working through the wounded ego and assisting you with self-healing of the inner child, the gift of transformation awaits those who are willing to walk the path of healing.

Claire’s gift as the healer is to be able to look into the core of the soul and shine a light upon all that ails you. Be it physically ~ emotionally ~ mentally ~ spiritually, handing you the keys to transformation and life changing healing.

If you open your soul and truly release all that holds you back no matter how emotionally painful it may be. You can change your life and become the person you have always wanted to be. Claire will stand by your side as you walk this part of your journey & as you heal all that holds you back .

She has worked with her natural healing gift her whole life, attuning and awakening the gifts that she holds, embracing the energy that they bring. Opening it up to others & helping them to connect and transform.

Claire has studied in various healing techniques to further her gifts and combine them together to offer you all the tools you need to transform your life.

A note from Me;

Working together we can open your path, allowing you to clearly see, from where you have traveled and to illuminate the rest of your journey ahead. Awaken your body and soul with the healing energies of the universe. Become balanced and re-energized with the ancient techniques that help with the stresses and problems of a modern world

You are already one step closer to beginning your healing journey.

Sometimes you feel there just has to be another way, another idea that you can turn to, when you have exhausted all others.. When you feel that you can go on no further, cannot take it anymore and all feels lost.

That’s when you look in other places for answers, and that is why you have been guided to find Claire. She will reach within your spiritual energy and hold your hand tightly while you go through those painful or emotional experiences, maybe from your past or events that are out of control in your life right now, guiding you to self-healing and balancing all within and around you.

There are many names that we give to the different techniques and they have been around for eons. Usui Reiki, a name that most people have heard of and trust is what Claire practices. She works with hands on (laying of hands on you) energy, working within the aura, where blockages occur. Most physical problems stem from the emotional and manifest until they can become a physical illness..               Dis-Ease becomes Disease…

There are four energy systems that we use. The Physical (body), the Mental (mind), the Emotional (Emotions) and the Spiritual (Soul). There need only be one of these systems out of balance for you to feel that life is a struggle, either through illness or stress, emotionally or physically.

While asking for divine guidance & working with the universal energies she is able to isolate and unblock stagnant energy that manifests its self as negative attributes within you.  Sessions will sometimes involve the use of crystals, Chakra balancing, Tibetan bells or bowls, smudging to help re-balance and align your physical and spiritual being. It can sometimes involve a session of guided talk. We will work at a pace that you feel comfortable with and that will bring you the greatest benefits.

As I’ve said there are four levels that the energy works on; The Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. It is not for me or you to decide where it goes first, as the energy will go to where you need it most and when that has been filled with positive energy and all the negative energy removed and what healing is meant to have happened has taken place, it will automatically move to the next level.

Working the energies for your highest good.

Sometimes you need to reach into the past and clear stored emotions and issues, but the releasing of the old issues, always allows the new positive ways to come in.

I have found that most of my clients have had really positive results and they’ve expressed that once they choose to release the old energy and patterns and have that space filled with Universal Healing Energy they have been able to move forward and get on with their lives positively and happily.

I believe my Reiki energy comes from God.  I studied the Usui Reiki Method under Cher Araujo.

I believe that a Reiki atunement is simply a re-connecting of the soul to what it already holds but has forgotten..


My Reiki Lineage

DR. Mikao Usui
DR. Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Phyllis Furumonto                    —>
                                                                  Pat Jack      —>       Carol Farmer
Edith Annie Izaak                     l—>               Cheri Prasuhi —>      Leah Smith
                                                                                               William Rand
                                                                                               John Williams
                                                                                               Maggie Lemin
                                                                                               Nina Morris
                                                                                               Bev Moss
                                                                                               Joanne Seymour
Loanda Nel         —-
Cher Nel Araujo   —-

Claire Bester        —-