Cleansing Cream 125ml

Floral Hydrating Mist 125ml

Day Cream SPF 30 50ml

Renewing Night Cream 50ml

Facial Essence 30ml

Eye Rejuvenator 15ml

Lip Protector 20ml

Regenerating Enzyme Gel 50ml

Deep Cleansing Balm 50ml

Gentle Exfoliating Cream 75ml

Calming Melt-in Mask 75ml

Radiant Serum 30ml

Skin Tone Corrector 30ml

Skin Perfection Capsules 60

Travel Pack

Natural Essence™

Purifying Cleansing Wash 125ml

Balancing Toner 125ml

Matifying Day Cream SPF 30 50ml

Clarifying Exfoliant 75ml

Rescue Clay Mask 75ml

Skin Life Oil 30ml

Clearing Lotion 30ml

Clear Skin Complex 60

Travel Pack


Ultra Calming cleansing cream 125ml

Soothing Plant Mist 125ml

Desensitizing Day Cream 50ml

S.O.S. Facial Essence 30ml

Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel 15ml

Stress Relief Cooling Gel Mask 75ml

Travel Pack


Collagen Boosting Serum 30ml

White Jasmine 30ml

Bois de Rose 30ml

Hyperpigmentation Complex 30’s

7-Day {Peel} *


Flawless Finish Primer 50ml

Bronzer 50ml

Eye Shimmers

Tripple vol Mascara


Nail care

Nail Buffer Kit

Glass Nail File

Spa Manicure 250g

Matrix Oil 10ml

Vitamin Pills 120

Cuticle Exfoliant 20ml

Cuticle Cream 20ml


Exfoliating Cream 100ml

Perfecting Sugar Scrub 100ml


Perfecting Cream SPF 30 75ml

Repair Cream 75ml

Repair Cream 125ml *

Refining Balm 75ml

Refining Balm 125ml *

Treatment Cream 100ml & disposable gloves x6 pairs

Replenishing Hand Serum 30ml


Nurturing Hand Sanitizer 200ml



Spa Additive 250ml

Spa Additive 450ml

Moisturiser 125ml

Deodorizing Powder 100g



Scrub Stone in Pouch

Foot Rasp

Exfoliator 125ml

Overnight Balm 125ml



Cooling Spritzer 100ml

Revitaliser 75ml



Massage Oil 100ml

Relaxing Treatment 100ml

Elixir 10ml

Thermal Relief 50ml



Energising Spa Concentrate 125ml

Energising Cream for Heavy Legs 75ml

Energising Oil for Feet, Ankles & Legs 50ml

Leg Energising Intensive Capsules 30



Protective SPF 20 Lotion 150ml

After Sun Nourishing Balm 150ml

After Sun Soother 100ml



Balancing Shampoo 200ml

Natural Treatment for Hair 125ml

Recovery Cleansing Shampoo 200ml

Intensive Recovery Mask 125ml

Hot Oil Hair Repair 50ml

Clear Scalp Tonic  50ml

Deep Strength Repair Mask 125ml

Regrowth Concentrate 50ml



































































Fem Body Wash 175ml

Rejuvenating Scrub 150ml

Daily Moisture Repair 125ml


Rehydrating Balm 150ml

Rehydrating Bath 125ml

Natural Tissue Oil 100ml

Cellular Boost range 

C B Neck & Bust 100ml

T Oil for Breasts 50ml

Body Lotion SPF15 125ml

Cellulite Control range 

Pamplemousse Bar 180g

Pamplemousse Gel 200ml

Upper Arm & Leg Contour gel 150g

CC Crystals 250g

CC Crystals 450g

Sculpting Body Polish 150ml

Streatch Mark Solution 100ml

CC Capsules 60

Detoxifying range 

Skin Stimulator – oval, boxed

Skin Stimulator – rectangular

Lipo Targert Masssager

Detox Bath Crystals 250g

Detox Toning Oil 100ml

Detox Body Wash 200ml

Digestive AidMassage Oil 50ml

Colon Cleanse vegCaps 60

De-Stressing range

Bath Crystals 250g

Massage Oil 100ml

Treatment Cream 75ml

Body lotion 125ml

Cleansing Gel 200ml

De-stress Mist 50ml

Massage Bar 180g

Deep Relax Bath  100ml

Sleep Easy Veg caps 30

Sleep E Pillow Mist 100ml

Temple Balm 15ml

Harmonising range

Bath Crystals 250g

Cleansing Gel 200ml

Treatment Cream 75ml

Harmonising Mist 50ml

Mood  Mist 100ml

M E Bath Crystals 470g *

Heaven’s Scent range*

Bath Crystals 250ml

R Body Wash 200ml

Renew Body Cream 150ml

Massage Oil 100ml *

MMBath Crystals 250ml

MM Body Wash 200ml

ExtRich Body Balm 150ml

Massage Oil 100ml

Resistance range 

Bath Crystals 450g

Dispersing Bath Oil 100ml

Revive Range

Bath Crystals 250g

Cleanse Gel 200ml  Massage Bar 180g

Serenity Range

Bath Crystals 300g

Cleansing Wash 200ml

Body Cream 125ml

Massage Bar 180g

Massage Oil 100ml

Vanilla Cashmere range

Bath Crystals 450g

Cleansing Gel 200ml

Massage Bar 180g

Body Cream 125ml

Massage Oil 100ml

Fragrant Mist 100ml


BABY: Go2Sleep lil 1

Calming Wash & Shampoo 125ml

Massage Cream 100ml

Dusting Powder 100g

Nappy Cream 50ml



Study Aid 10ml

Appetite Suppressant 10ml

Oil of Tranquillity 10ml

Smoker’s Support 10ml

Breath Easy 10ml

Spicy Seductive Natural Purfume 100ml

Dusk to Dawn 100ml



EnneaEssence™ range

Triple Action Sports Wash 200ml

Everyday Facial Wash 125ml

Ultra Calming Shaving Cream 125ml

Hydrating Lotion SPF 15 50ml

Recovery Treatment 30ml

3-in-1 Body Lotion 125ml


Sport range 

Spa Additive Sports wash 200ml

After Sports Massage Oil 100ml

Spa Additive Cleansing Bar 180g

Muscle Recovery Gel 125ml


Intuition 55ml

C’est la vie

Fragrance 30ml

Energising Shower Gel 200ml

Body Cream 200ml

Forever Yours

Fragrance 50ml

Revive Shower Gel 200ml

Perfumed BCream 300ml


Fragrance 50ml

Energy Shower Gel 200ml

Perfume B Cream 300ml

Sh’Zen 25

Fragrance 50ml


Fragrance 40ml

Bath & Shower Gel 200ml

Whipped Body Cream 300ml

Bath Crystals 250ml

For Men

Legend 50ml




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